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Spyware Killer Features

Award winning SPYWARE and FIREWALL protection for your PC.

So you open up your email box and you have tons a spam emails from people and companies you have never heard of. Then you start to wonder how did they get my email address? The answer is simple......from your PC. That is correct, every day you PC is a wealth of information for people you don't even know.

The only way to prevent these unwanted and unknowing attacks is with powerful firewall protection with spyware killer from Armorwall Firewall. The only product that stops hacker attacks, spyware and annoying pop-ups all in one software program

Spyware and Firewall Protection

Product Benefits:

  • Three levels of Firewall Protection - Armorwall has 3 levels of protection that exceed the computer industry standards. Normal Protection, Stealth Protect, and total lock down.
  • Normal Mode - Normal meets and exceeds the industry stand for firewall PC protection. Normal mode will with stand any hacker attack.
  • Stealth Mode - Stealth mode offers an additional level of protection by making your PC invisible to the outside world.
  • Net Lock - Net Lock mode offers complete lock down of your PC. Net Lock stops any traffic in or out of your PC
  • Spyware Protection - Armorwall will find and remove any unwanted Spyware programs that are on your PC
  • FREE Spyware definitions updates - Like PC Virus protection, new spyware programs are written every day. Only Armorwall offers free Spyware definition updates. This insures that your PC will always be protected from Spyware.
  • Pop-UP Stopper - As part of Armorwall Firewall complete protection Pop-up stopper will black annoying pop-up ads and let you enjoy un-interrupted web surfing.
  • Program Filters - One of ArmorWall's most important features is Program Filter. This allows you to decide which program should access the internet or accept a connection from the internet and which should not.
  • Block Dangerous Sites - There are many unsafe and annoying sites on the internet. You may add those sites to the Banned Sites List. ArmorWall will block all sites in that list whenever anyone or any program tries to connect with them.
  • View activity log. - The Logs shows the history of ArmorWall Personal Firewall activity. You select Logs tab and then view the logs.
  • Easy to use Interface. - Armorwall's interface and help are easy to use. Within minutes Armorwall Firewall is configured protecting your PC from hackers, spyware and pop-ups

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