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Spyware Killer Reviews

"Oh my god! This rules yo!"

I had so much spy ware on my computer that it just killed my server that I was running on my computer, and thats mad stupid. So I go on the net. And well i find this thing. It rules.

"Use it everyday"

Just getting on the internet and seeing a flash ad or two will make Spyware Killer show several pieces of spyware. The more you use it, the less they know about where you go on the internet

"Highly recommend this"

If you are one of those people who downloads a lot of software but is unaware of the spyware contained in them, I strongly suggest you download this and check it out. I had to reformat my hard drive because of all the junk put in my computer without me knowing about it. Now that I have this, it stops this stuff dead.

"Every internet user needs this"

This program (or programs like this) are a must have, but this is the best one I have used so far. Spyware is a REAL problem. Oh, they're "collecting information" alright.

"Makes you aware of Things you really never Knew for sure.

Works like a charm... I have been impressed with this utility from its earlier releases till now.. I have purchased the registered version for a pittance and the service is excellent. I want to be a resller. I whole heartedly recommend to all.

"No Problems Yet"

I have just installed and used for the first time. It was effortless and efficient, I'll keep using it and if it screws up I'll write back.

"The Name Says it All!"

Simply put, a great product to stop ads from your computer. I can't criticize websites for putting ads on your computer, that is how they make money. But then again, it is YOUR computer. If you don't want ads or tracking files on your computer, you shouldn't have to deal with them. And blocking these items will also save you disk space. Spyware Killer is incredibly effective. Don't take my word for it, try it yourself.

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